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The Board of Directors of WHF is deeply appreciative of the generous donations to our ministry and its various mission projects. It is because of each of you that we have been able to fulfill the calling which God has given to the Foundation. So many of you have helped to sustain us in this work and have enabled us to grow the mission of WHF across the Americas. We are in the midst of very exciting and challenging times as the ministry grows and we always welcome your personal involvement in the work of WHF. Beyond financial donations, you may want to be involved more directly in the theological education ministry in Perú through assisting with the development of new resources or even in teaching online or leading seminars on site. There are also opportunities to assist with the online technology and equipment, as well as opportunities for construction projects as we expand our building facilities. Offering assistance in our discipleship ministries and in our social action outreach are also possibilities. Please let us know about your interests by contacting Mark Wethington, President of WHF, at markwhf@gmail.com or by calling (910) 295-7720 (United States phone number).

The Foundation began over 25 years ago with the vision to translate the Works of Wesley into Spanish (Obras de Wesley), followed by publication and distribution. Obras de Wesley is recognized as an extremely important contribution throughout the Americas. Since then even more has transpired with WHF to “promote the thought, spirituality and practice of the Wesleyan revival” among Spanish speakers. We thank you for all of your support.

Current programs for support:
  1. WHF Operating Budget (about $100,000 per year). These monies support the general work of WHF in its consultation and support of our partner ministries in Latin America. A major portion of these monies support the office of the President of WHF and the work of the Board of Directors.
  2. Projects of IEW-LA, CTP and ECWA (total for all three about $250,000 per year). These monies support the staff of these ministries of theological education, building rental and utilities, program development, digital equipment and online platform costs, and the continuing development of the digital library.
  3. “Adopt a Student” Scholarship Fund – this is for the support of individual students who are studying in the residential seminary (CTP) or in the online program (ECWA). If you designate your gift to “scholarships”, and you request such, we will be happy to assign your scholarship gift to a particular student with whom you can establish a relationship. Please let us know if you desire this.
  4. A new edition of the first four volumes of Obras de Wesley, which are the sermons of John Wesley. Over the past 15 years the sermons of John Wesley in Spanish have been especially in demand and there has been some need for updating and editing. The original four volumes will be republished in two volumes in a paperback “popular” edition. 

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